Truly Local…

Since 2011, Local Roots has been a licensed cannabis retailer that offers award-winning products throughout Washington State. Family owned and operated, our dispensaries provide a comfortable environment designed for providing guests with the highest quality of cannabis experiences.

Identifying where to go for cannabis and what items you should buy can be overwhelming. We welcome people from all walks of life and are committed to serving our community. Veterans, seniors, and guests with special needs are not only welcome, but highly encouraged to visit. Our attentive and knowledgeable staff is happy to help educate all of our guests about the varying products and their different effects.

The goal is to truly help elevate your life with the appropriate types of cannabis.

Local Roots proudly serves Washington State with five locations in Bothell, Edmonds, Everett, and Granite Falls. To purchase cannabis, Washington State requires a 21+ valid driver’s license, passport, or a government-issued identification card.

Return Policy

General Returns           

  • Cartridge returns are permitted during business hours, with no restriction or when it was purchased (with accompanying receipt, and barcode) In its original packaging

  • Products deemed unsatisfactory (discoloration, expired, general contamination, etc.,) may be returned as well but require manager approval  

Contaminated Returns

  •  Within 2 days of original purchase (with receipt, and barcode)

  •  In original packaging

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