Canna Burst Chews Are A Great CBD Gummy Option

CBD products come in many shapes and forms and they’re availability has exploded. You can find them in gas stations supermarkets and everything in between. The problem is, the CBD market seems like its the wild west. The industry is still a baby and the regulations are basically non-existent. Many companies make quality products that are third-party tested, but there’s plenty of companies claiming to sell CBD when they're selling the equivalent to snake oil. That’s the benefit of buying your CBD products at a licensed I-502 dispensary to ensure the products are produced by qualified professionals. If you don’t know what kind of CBD products are best for you, CBD gummies are an easy way to start.

Gummies might be the easiest way to get the medicinal benefits of CBD. What’s easier than eating a piece of candy or two and getting reaping medicinal rewards like anxiety and pain relief? Probably nothing. While CBD’s exact effects aren’t completely verified, there’s no shortage of anecdotal evidence suggesting CBD intake can help with sleep, anxiety and pain relief. (Muscle aches and injuries are better soothed with direct application from something like a balm, but that’s for another article.)

C4 Canna Burst is a brand worth considering for your first leap with Alice down the CBD rabbit hole. Their gummies are infused with high-quality cannabis distillate from Oleum Labs, so you know you’re getting the exact ratio of cannabinoids you’ll read on the label. Oleum’s “total cannabinoids THC9 distillate” test near 100 percent and ensures each and every chew gets the job done. 

The benefit of C4’s chews they come in several different cannabinoid options. Their CBD chews are mixed with THC which is the cannabinoid that causes all of cannabis’s psychoactive effects, but there’s an important reason to mix a little bit of THC with your CBD. CBD and THC heighten each other's effects when ingested together. There are several studies suggesting the varying ways CBD and THC are more beneficial together than apart. So when you see a box of edibles that says “100 mg CBD | 10 mg THC” what that means is there are 10 chews in the package and each piece has a 10:1 CBD to THC ratio; ensuring that you get the full benefits of the CBD and little to none of the psychoactive effects of the THC (especially if you have any kind of cannabis tolerance). C4 Canna Burst chews also come in two packs called “dubs” if you’re looking to try it out before you commit to a full-size pack. 

Throw in the fact that they come in fun flavors like Strawberry Surge, Berry Bomb, and Grape Grenade, you couldn’t ask for a more fun way to include CBD into your daily routine. 

Legal Purchasing Limits for Cannabis Products

Adults 21 and over can purchase up to one ounce of usable cannabis flower, 16 ounces of cannabis-infused edibles in solid form, 72 ounces of cannabis drinkables, and 7 grams of cannabis concentrates.

Three ounces of usable cannabis flower, forty-eight ounces of cannabis-infused edibles in solid form, two hundred sixteen ounces of cannabis drinkables, and twenty-one grams of cannabis concentrates, per the Washington State Department of Health.