Four Strains That Can Help Increase Your Appetite

We’ve seen numerous studies conducted regarding the effects of cannabis on various issues in society. Recently, a study was conducted by the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior in search of a relationship between one’s appetite and cannabis. Specifically looking into the therapeutic health benefits of prescribing cannabis to patients experiencing appetite loss.

A lead researcher at Washington State University state that “we’re finding genetic and physiological events in the body that allow cannabis to turn eating behavior on or off.” Cannabis with higher levels of THC is shown to have the strongest ability to affect hunger. Some strains are able to stimulate appetite whereas others lessen the urge to eat.

Cannabis hasn’t scientifically proven to cure anything specific to appetite but it does show an ability to improve the quality of someone’s life simply because it can inspire hunger and a desire to eat or drink. Researchers from that study found that cannabis has the ability to release a hormone in the body called ghrelin which usually communicates with the brain, telling it to consumer food whenever someones stomach is empty or running low on fuel.

IBS, Chrohns, and even different types of cancer have all wreaked havoc on humans. These diseases and chronic illnesses are known to severely effect people’s appetite which is why certain strains are known to get the munchies back flowing. If you’re someone suffering from a lack of appetite and you’re looking to get back to your own version of normal, try these strains below.

4 Cannabis Strains That Potentially Help Increase Appetite

  • Blackberry Kush

  • Oregon Diesel

  • MAC

  • Wedding Cake

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Joey Brabo