Five Cannabis Strains That May Boost Creativity

Creativity isn’t something that comes natural to many people all over the world. It often requires a certain mindset, natural abilities, and breaking down mental barriers often known to stifle creativity. When people struggle to overcome these obstacles as well as others, they often turn to cannabis or another vice that can inspire them to continue making things happen.

Cannabis has the ability to help with creativity in all kinds of ways. For anxiety, it can help people relax and focus, enabling the creator to spend less time caring about whether society will accept them or not. Who cares if they like your work as long as you’re stress free and creating what you love. Heavier indica strains are generally known to help the most in these types of situations.

All kinds of people have difficulty brainstorming creative concepts and need a bit of a mental spark to keep the flow going. In a scenario like this, a nice euphoric sativa might be beneficial. Identifying and coming to terms with the actual reason why you’re trying cannabis for creativity is the first step to finding your perfect strain.

Every single person in the world responds to each strain differently, so making the “right” choice will always depend on your personal reaction to certain flavors, smells, and cannabinoid ratios. To be frank, it is safe to assume how strains will affect you based on their terpene profiles. If they don’t work the way they were “supposed to” take note and find a different strain!

When looking to be creative, strains with Limonene, Pinene, or Terpinolene are going to be the best fit for you. Be careful with limonene tho because too much of it CAN make the anxiety worse. We’ve put together our five favorite strains to potentially boost creativity. Many of these you can readily find at Local Roots, but you should probably check our live menu regularly to stay up to date.

Five Cannabis Strains That May Boost Creativity

  1. Golden Ticket by ZoZ Cannabis

  2. Green Crack by Legends

  3. Hawaiian Golden Pineapple by Phat Panda

  4. Pineapple Mimosa - Gold Leaf Gardens

  5. Tropicana Cookies - Secret Gardens

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