These Strains Can Potentially Boost Your Creativity


For many people, being creative doesn’t just come naturally. It takes a certain comfortability and mindset. Oftentimes it takes some kind of help to navigate the mental boundaries we place ahead of us. This is where cannabis and terpenes can really help!

For generations, cannabis has been known to help with creativity, anxiety, and other ailments. Cannabis has been known to inspire creativity and the truth comes in the forms of millions of people who are creative and consuming. Bob Marley, Seth Rogen, Barack Obama, even Michael Phelps, have all consumed cannabis and risen to become leaders and iconic humans in their own way.

With cannabis, everyone responds to each strain differently. There might be similarities, but every experience is different. When looking to be creative, you’re going to want something with Limonene, Pinene, or Terpinolene in it. These strains smell like pine, earth, lemons, and some kind of fruity spice.

To kick things off, we’ve put together our five favorite strains to boost creativity. Many of these you can readily find at Local Roots, but you should probably check our live menu regularly to stay up to date.

Five Cannabis Strains That Should Boost Creativity

  1. Lemonade

  2. Lime 43

  3. Middlefork

  4. Mimosa 26

  5. Where’s My Bike