If You Don’t Drink Alcohol, You Should Try Evergreen Herbal’s Cannabis-Infused Lemonades & Sodas


Local Roots is always looking to provide the best customer experience. Over the last seven years we’ve added new employees, done major upgrades, and even opened up new locations. Needless to say, we’re always looking for ways to improve.

Helping us navigate all of our trials and tribulations and providing endless inspiration are the delicious cannabis beverages from Evergreen Herbal. The lemonades and sodas from Evergreen Herbal are some of the best available cannabis-infused drinks in Washington. Sweet, smooth, and tangy depending on the flavor, pouring up one of these tasty treats over ice is unlike any other experience.

These beverages have been on display at our store for some time. We’ve offered these products for years as Evergreen Herbal was one of the first major cannabis food and drink companies. Since they first started, they’ve also received great notoriety for their edibles, concentrates, and infused joints.  

Ask your budtender for a beverage or edible recommendation next time you’re in store. No matter what they grab, you’re in for a treat.